Want To Start Using Propane? 5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Propane Supplier

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Want To Start Using Propane? 5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Propane Supplier

2 May 2023
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Propane is beneficial as it is a clean-burning and versatile fuel. Propane can be used for many purposes, such as to heat your home, grill, or power equipment. When looking for a propane supplier, you need to take some things into consideration. Below are five things you should keep in mind. 

Delivery Options

Most propane suppliers offer automatic delivery and a will call delivery. With automatic delivery, the propane supplier schedules the deliveries based on how much propane you use. With the will call delivery option, you are responsible for contacting your propane supplier when you need to have your tank filled. What you choose will depend on your propane usage. For example, if you have a large home and use a lot of propane, an automatic delivery service will likely be the best option for your situation.

Pricing Options

Talk with more than one propane supplier so you can compare the pricing options. You will find that some will charge less than others, so this will help you get the best rate. There are some propane suppliers that offer different pricing plans. Some plans will allow you to lock in a fixed rate for a certain amount of time. Other plans offer variable pricing which will be based on the current market conditions. Some payment options available include making online payments, writing a check each month, and automatically taking the payment out of your checking account. 

Who Owns the Propane Tank

You can choose to purchase and own your own propane tank. You could also lease a tank from the propane supplier. Purchasing your own propane tank requires an upfront investment, but you do have more control over the propane tank. Leasing a propane tank from your propane supplier is cost-effective, but you should know you will likely have to pay fees for installing the propane tank and fees to remove the propane tank from your property.

Additional Services Offered

Many propane suppliers offer other services to their customers. For example, they may provide maintenance to your propane tank to keep it in good condition. They may also make repairs to the propane tank if you have problems. Some suppliers will also install propane appliances for you that you purchase. Ask the supplier about these services if these things are important to you. 

Following these tips will ensure you choose the right propane supplier for you and your family.